Butterfly Watching in San Carlos: Species Guide

San Carlos is one of the most fascinating destinations for nature lovers, especially those interested in watching butterflies. Here is a list of uncommon and well-known species you may encounter in this area.

Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides)

Description: The Blue Morpho butterfly is beautiful with blue wings that sparkle like a shining disposition in the midst of clouds. Their wingspan can grow up to 15 cm. When folded, their wings are brown with eye-like markings mostly meant for camouflage.

Where to See It: Usually found in the rainforests of San Carlos, specifically in overgrown vegetation zones. They are found in butterfly gardens and forest paths, flying most often during early morning and dusk.

Owl Butterfly (Caligo)

Description: Described for having big eye spots on the wings like those of an owl. These wings are brown with yellow and black dots, making the butterfly hard to notice. Their wingspan ranges from 7.5 cm to as large as 20 cm.

Where to See It: Usually resides in areas with high humidity and close to streams in San Carlos. More easily located in gardens and areas that receive direct sunlight during the day and prefers banana plantations.

Zebra Longwing (Heliconius)

Description: Zebra Longwings have black and white stripes on their wings and are known for their longevity. They feed on nectar and pollen but also extract additional nutrition and defense from specific plants.

Where to See It: Commonly seen in butterfly gardens and floral sectors feeding on flowers in sunny, open spaces. They are also observed at forest margins and in crops, including passion fruit fields.

Glasswing (Ithomiini)

Description: Glasswings are special because their wings are transparent like glass, giving the butterfly camouflage. The small butterfly has a wingspan of approximately 6 cm.

Where to See It: Mainly found in cloud forests and protected areas, mostly in shaded and wet areas, visible in the morning and afternoon. Often located in natural protected areas and ecological parks.

Butterfly watching interests greatly in San Carlos due to the availability of different habitats and well-maintained biodiversity. If you would like to have a close view of these tremendously beautiful butterflies, it is recommended to take your camera and binoculars along with you.

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