Arenal 1968: Walking on Lava Flows

Arenal 1968 is a park in Costa Rica that offers a unique experience: The main concern was hiking on chilled lavas from the Arenal Volcano. This site is a historical site by the name of the 1968 eruption and gives the people an opportunity to tour the volcanic region as well as to learn about the period’s active volcanoes.

What to Expect on Your Visit

Once you get to Arenal 1968 Park, you will be shocked of the natural beauty of the place that welcomes you. There are two main hiking trails:There are two main hiking trails:

  1. Lava Flows Trail (3. 5 km): This trail actually crosses the lava flows of the the great eruption of 1968. Easy and suitable for those seeking the best opportunity for photographing Arenal Volcano and some parts of the Arenal Lake.
  2. Forest Trail (1. 5 km): It is a shorter and easier route if compared to the previous one and go through the tropical forest where you could see a lot of plants and animals native to this area.

Activities at Arenal 1968

  • Hiking: Go hiking and bird watching on the lava flows. There are many trails here, nicely labeled and with small descriptions and other data about the volcanicity of the area.
  • Wildlife observation: You can look out for monkeys, toucan and many other strange creatures.
  • Photography: It is the perfect place to capturing memorable moments, scenic and breathtaking shots of the volcano and the lake.

Tips for Your Visit

  • Appropriate clothing: Do not wear loose clothes or sandals/flip flops.
  • Sun protection: Pack bathing suits and/or swimsuits, sun block, hat and sunglasses.
  • Hydration: Do not forget to take water with you.

Visiting the Arenal 1968 lava fields is fascinating and such a pleasure because of the buffet of elements: volcanic and natural. Do not let this trip of your lifetime in Costa Rica pass you by!

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