La Fortuna in Rainy Times: Activities for Wet Days

What to do when the sky is covered with clouds and the rain makes its appearance? Don’t worry, even on rainy days, La Fortuna has a lot to offer.

Discover Cultural Wealth

Museums and Craft Workshops

Gray days are perfect for immersing yourself in local culture. Visit the museums of La Fortuna to learn about the history and traditions of the region. Participate in craft workshops where you can learn about the art of making chocolate and coffee, two pillars of the Costa Rican economy. And best of all, you can taste these delights!

Local Gastronomy

Local Flavor Indoors

The cuisine of La Fortuna is a window to the culture of the place. Rainy days are the perfect excuse to explore the variety of restaurants and cafes that offer everything from traditional dishes to gourmet proposals. Enjoy a typical “casado” or savor a cup of freshly brewed coffee while contemplating the rain.

Indoor Adventure: Rock Climbing and Bowling

Indoor Activities for Adventurers

If you still want a dose of adventure, La Fortuna offers alternatives like indoor climbing walls and bowling alleys. These activities are ideal for keeping you active and entertained, while sheltering from the rain.

Spa and Wellness: A Refuge in the Storm

Spa Day

Take advantage of the calm atmosphere of rainy days to dedicate yourself to personal well-being. In La Fortuna, you’ll find spas and wellness centers that offer treatments with local ingredients like volcanic mud and coffee. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax and rejuvenate while the rain gently falls outside.

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